The Liver is the body's largest organ, it has a very important role and vital to the body's metabolic and immune system.  The Liver weighs about 3 pounds when in adulthood and is roughly the size of a football. 


The Liver has many functions in the body, it is key to the metabolic process which include the following:

- Breaking down foods and converting them into substances.

- Removing free radicals and toxins from the bloodstream. 

- Converting food substances into energy.

The Liver breaks down fats and stores it then used it as energy.  It also holds vitamins and other minerals and releases them when they are needed. To break down the fat the Liver produces bile, this is moved to the small intestine from the Liver. 

Other Liver Functions:

- Combating infections.

- Making enzymes and proteins which are responsible for the chemical reactions in the body. 

- Clearing bad bacteria from the gut.

Understanding how important the Liver is to the body makes it clear why we need to keep it healthy and functioning at maximum capacity at all times.  


Detoxing the liver is very beneficial for the body, here are 7 ways for natural Liver detox remedies: 


Eating whole raw foods like vegetables, fruits and spices can help your body detox in various pathways. For BREAKFAST have some fruit with wholemeal bread and some avocado. It is a light meal packed with vitamins to release energy throughout the day. For LUNCH prep some salad and veg (raw), you can add some healthy fats and protein with this meal. SNACKS can be varied however you may want to keep it to handful of nuts or low fat yogurt. Your calorie intake should be at the most with these meals. For DINNER try to keep the meal small, make sure you have more raw vegetables with lean protein. Be sure to have plenty of fluids with every meal and in between, this will clear out toxins from the body regularly.

 2 - Reduce Inflammation

By reducing inflammation you will keep out toxins and clear out free radicals roaming around the Hiver. Inflammation causes more stress on the body and Liver, keeping to raw foods and spices such as turmeric will help with this. Milk thistle, artichoke, dandelion and plant based foods are great anti-inflammatory sources. You may also want to add Green leafy vegetables, fruits and fish to your detox diet .They help good bacteria clear out toxins and boost Liver health. 

3 - Drink Plenty of Fluids

Your body is 70-80% water so it is vital we consume plenty of water through out the day. Build your intake gradually, keep your self hydrated at all times so your Liver does not have to work harder than it has to. Liver cleanse drink can be a great way to detox and keep hydrated. You can use raw vegetables, fruits and seeds to your detox drink to flush out toxins, it is a great alternative snack. You can even try a detox tea blend lighter in calories.  

 4 - Exercise Regularly

Exercise is a great way to sweat out the toxins from the body. Try to workout at least 3 times a week, along with the benefits of exercising, it boost your immune system and reduces inflammation. Yoga is a great to relax the body and clear toxins, breathing exercises ensures your body is getting good amount of oxygen to the body. You can set 10 minutes every morning to start the day.   

5 - Good Sleep

Get a good sleep is vital to a good detox. The brain is still working while we sleep According to Andy R. Eugene and Jolanta Masiak, insufficient sleep impairs your glymphatic system, this causes the issue of build of toxins in the body. Not getting enough sleep does not give the body a chance to clear out the toxins and puts more strain on the organs.

6 - Healthy Gut

Keeping a healthy gut does an amazing job cleansing and detox digestive system. It helps detox both the Liver and Kidneys, a healthy system puts less pressure on these organs. Probiotics is a great source to keep the gut healthy and balanced, they remove the bad bacteria from the gut along with the toxins which can cause havoc if given the environment to grow.  Eating rich probiotic foods or even a supplement helps keep a healthy balance in the gut. 

7 - Liver Cleanse Supplement

Liver support supplements are a great way to cleanse the Liver and remove toxins. Also rebuilding Liver cells and barriers to prevent toxins entering the digestive system. Advanced Strength Liver Support Solar + is a formulated supplement centered around the proprietary ingredient Solarplast. This is combined with enzymes and herbs to help cleanse and repair the Liver.