Probiotics Ultra Pro + 7

Probiotics Ultra Pro + 7

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Probiotics Ultra Pro + 7 scientifically developed to help with constipation and IBS.  

We have put together targeted strains which help with constipation and IBS. With a time released capsule it ensures your gut will get potent probiotics where needed. 


7 Targeted Time Released Strains To Help With Constipation & IBS 

Bacillus Subtillus - Helps reduce bloating, stomach discomfort, indigestion & IBS
L. Rhamnosus - Reduces diarrhea, improves immunity& urinary tract
L. Casei - Treats gastrointestinal issues
B. Longum - Repopulates good bacteria after antibiotic use
L. Acidophilus - Relieves irritable bowel syndrome urinary & decreases frequency of  tract infections
L. Plantarum - Decrease length/severity of cold/flu & strengthen your immune system
B. Breve - Helps crowd out bad bacteria in gut

Long Shelf Life & No Refrigeration Necessary

Our high-quality probiotic supplement is shelf stable and doesn’t need refrigeration; and it has a guaranteed shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacture



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