How Is Coffee Helping You?

Coffee is the second most traded commodity. Americans consume over 400 million cups a day the equivalent to 146 billion cups a year. 




Researchers have found consuming coffee on a regular basis can increase longevity. Numerous studies have reported many benefits drinking coffee daily, it contains natural antioxidants which activate DNA repair {1}.

There over 1,000 different compounds in your cup of coffee, the enzymes that break down caffeine also have the same responsibility to breaking down steroids. The main antioxidant and flavor molecules in coffee are chlorogenic acids. You can find them in apples, pears and other fruits. They get absorbed by the gut and gut microbes. 

A recent study compared the effect of coffee and caffeine, using the length of telomeres. They are the caps that protect the ends of chromosomes during cell division. They are used to measure aging, the structure of the chromosome gets shorter as cells age. 

As caffeine consumption increased in U.S adults the telomeres shortened in size. However when increasing coffee consumption telomeres were longer. Coffee consumption may increase life, caffeine consumption may reduce it. {2} 





1. Black Coffee can lift your mood 
2. It can improve focus and brain power
3. It can help reduce inflammation in the body 
4. Moderate consumption may help promote heart health
5. Black coffee is enriched with minerals and vitamins