Better Your Digestive System

Tips For Improving and Maintaining Digestive Health

Your digestive system is very important for your well-being. It is directly impacted by the foods we eat and lifestyle we live. It is important to take small steps to improve your digestive system health for better well-being and overall health.

Try these tips to improve your digestive system:

1. Stay Hydrated 

Our body is made up of 70% water, drinking plenty of water is key to keeping the digestive system flowing. Fiber from our diets pulls water into the colon to create softer stools.  Remember to get enough water in throughout the day to keep toxins and waste out of the digestive system.

2. Exercise Regularly

By doing regular exercise your digestive system is able to keep food moving and reduce constipation. Another benefit of regular exercise is that it helps increase the metabolism which means food can move quicker through the digestive system. Stress is a major cause to an unhappy tummy, it can create a harmful environment in the digestive system effecting digestion and resulting in pain or discomfort. Regular workouts help reduce stress and keep your body relaxed. 

3. Manage Stress 

Managing stress is very important, this is easier said then done. Regular exercise can help reduce the stress levels. There are plenty of techniques and routines you can practice to keep your stress under control. Breathing exercises, reading out affirmations every morning, building new relationships and most importantly enjoying your life.

4. Reduce High Fat Food Intake 

In general high fat foods tend to slow down the digestive process, it takes longer to digest and creates an environment for bad bacteria to cause havoc, this can lead to constipation and bloating. By reducing high fat food intake your digestive system it eases the pressure and allows food to be digested more effectively. If you are eating high fat foods due to meetings or gatherings, take a digestive enzyme supplement it helps the digestive system to intake the nutrients and digest the fats easier.

5. Get Probiotics In Your Diet

Probiotics already exist in our digestive system, they are the good bacteria that help us keep the digestive system healthy. However when we eat fried or fatty foods which contain bad bacteria it can overpower the good bacteria and unbalance the levels in our digestive system. Even when we have antibiotics it kills both the bad and good bacteria which is why our digestive system feels at discomfort after the course. Probiotics help replenish the good bacteria keeping it flowing and digest foods. You can find probiotics in many foods such as yogurt and miso, probiotics can also be found in supplement form which many find easier to consume and get their daily probiotics

6. Use Digestive Enzymes Supplements

Our digestive system creates enzymes to digest foods, from the moment we smell our food our digestive system is sending out enzymes to digest the food that is on its way. They help break down all of our foods such as fats, carbohydrates, protein and starches. Sometimes our digestive system does not create enough enzymes to digest foods properly, digestive enzymes supplements can help ease the pressure off organs and digest foods more effectively. By taking one with each meal it can help the hard to break down foods digest properly, and more importantly we can actually enjoy the foods we love to eat with out the discomfort.